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Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

Cancer Fungus-Yeast Candida  /  Baking Soda Connection

Candida infection can cause hair loss!!!

Candida is a yeast that naturally lives in your colon, as part of the "gut flora".  But, drugs, antibiotics, and even warm and soft, yummy, self rising pizza crust can grace you the infection; that is, the yeast now has migrated into your blood, organs and tissues.  Click here.  It is a type of parasitic infection.  Very difficult to get rid of.  Baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) used against Candida is all new to me, which give rise (no pun intended) to the possibility one can live a normal life without Candida cookbooks and diets- sounds great!!  For example- click here and here too.

There are different means of taking baking soda...   pure baking soda, not baking powder with aluminumn.  Search the net and youtube and google videos.  Some suggest mixing maple syrup or honey with baking soda in water.  As I understand, the reason behind using maple syrup or honey is to distribute the alkalinity to every part of the body, and act as a Trojan horse to the cells.  Look for mixing amounts.  Also, consider and research-- as far as I understand, there may be a possibility of vitamin C depletion, along with other nutrients.  As I understand, baking soda is not a nutrient.  Our bodies are in a state of homeostasis (balance).  For example, some suggest drinking distilled water will deplete essential minerals from your body.   Adding a pinch of sea salt to the water will help reastablish the mineral balance.  Also, distilled water is acidic, thus the baking soda to help alkalinize.

Another thing to consider, baking soda mixed in water is a electrolyte.  An electrolyte is a substance that helps conduct an electrical current through water. For example, people use baking soda in water w/ a electrical current to help produce HHO gas to run a combustion engine. Click here and here. Our bodies are made of lots of water.  Our bodies are electrical, even down to the cellular level.  Drinking too much water can cause a electrolite imbalance.  So back to homeostasis again.  Click here.

I need to do more study on this topic.

Many authorities suggest that disease cannot survive in a alkaline environment.  Click here (read the subtiles)  Raw veggies and fruit are alkaline forming.  Processed foods are acidic.  Click here.  Oranges and apple cider vinegar are acidic, but both metabolize in the body alkaline.

Considering the forgoing-- in this video, Doug Kauffman of the television show Know the Cause interviews Dr. Simoncini...

Dr. Simoncini defines cancer as a Candida infection...

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    Baking Soda